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Ok, I know that if you already follow me you will not be really interested, but I finally gathered the courage to create a Facebook page for my illustrations! :dance: big accomplishment!! :dance: You can find it here:

And while we are on the subject, just a reminder that you can find me also on...
twitter (even if I don't use it very well):

... and I'm often streaming on Sywork:…


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Streaming again

Fri Sep 25, 2015, 11:12 AM

I'll pass my friday evening painting a random elf girl just for relax... if you want to join me:…
it will take a while, so feel free to drop by anytime

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Thu Sep 17, 2015, 8:12 AM

in the breaks between updating my gallery, sometimes I also paint! 
Things you'll probably see here in a little while... so, if you want a sneak peek, you can find my channel here:…
Drop by while I'm painting (usually afternoon, BST), you'll may also get me speaking in a weird accented english :D

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  • Reading: The Hollow Boy - Jonathan Stroud
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Let's call it a day...

Mon Jan 26, 2015, 7:56 AM

I uploaded a lot of mostly uninteresting things: old sketches, wips and very few painting from 2012 and some 2013... 

Mara by niji707  Stormchild by niji707 
A Golden Lily by niji707  Sketch portrait of Rand by niji707

Fantasy Portrait - Warrior by niji707  Fantasy Portrait - Elf mage by niji707

Marina by niji707  Dry brush oil portrait by niji707 ACEO from The Dark Knight Rises - WIP by niji707

Meryl by niji707  Ninfa-sketch by niji707  Chariza - sketch by niji707  Some random big-eyed girl... by niji707  a Chinese lady by niji707

That's more than enough for today!! Tomorrow, 2nd round of the Massive Updating From Hell! I know you can hardly wait for it! :XD: 

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Ah-ehm... Hello?

yeah, it's been a while! I'm not really good at answering comments, thanking for favourites, keeping an eye on other artists' updates... y'know, being a good neighbour in the community. Things get accumulating and I get petrified. 
But it really pains me to see my gallery so long outdated, so I'll be trying yet again. I know that I'll be very random in my social activities, but please bear with me!

And now, I'll start with the massive updating of doom... I don't even know where to start!! @____@

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1 Free Sketch - SKETCH DONE

Tue Jun 18, 2013, 7:39 AM

*********** EDIT 2 - SKETCH DONE ************

Since I get several beautiful subjects to choose from and I was in doubt, I did the one for the first person to comment :)
When I read her description, since it was the first, I started to think how I should have her depicted and so she was the one most clear in my mind.
Now some work is pressing, so I can't go on tweaking and fixing this. I really have to understand the very meaning of the word "sketch"... 

Anyway, I think I'll try again next week or the week after that, so you can try again too if you want.

--- ITA ---

Siccome dovevo scegliere tra diversi soggetti che mi ispiravano ed ero un po' in dubbio, alla fine ho scelto quello della prima persona che ha commentato.
In effetti, siccome era la prima che leggevo, ho subito iniziato a pensare come avrei potuto rappresentarla e così alla fine era quella che avevo più chiara in testa.
Adesso ho del lavoro un po' più pressante, per cui non credo che avrò tempo per altri aggiustamenti. Eh... dovrei davvero capire il significato della parola "sketch"... ^^;

In ogni caso, penso che ci riproverò perché ho davvero bisogno di esercizio. Forse la settimana prossima, o magari quella ancora dopo, non so. Per cui, se vi va, potete riprovare anche voi!! :)

*********** EDIT JOURNAL CLOSED ************

I'm closing the journal with 6 requests!! Five comment here and a private note! Thank you to you all for the interest!
Now I'll be choosing one to draw, but if the thing goes smooth enough I'll consider your other requests in the future! I feel really bad to choose just one, now that I have to!!
Thank you very very much!!

--- ITA ---

Chiudo ora con 6 richieste: 5 commenti qui e una nota privata! Grazie a tutti per l'interesse!! :D
Adesso ne sceglierò uno da fare subito, ma se la cosa procede bene terrò in considerazione le altre richieste per i prossimi schizzi che vorrò fare! Mi dispiace un sacco sceglierne una sola, ora che devo, mi sento un po' in colpa!! ;___;
Grazie davvero!!! :hug:


I'm not in the mood to do what I should, so instead of doing nothing... give me something to sketch! :dance:
Just a few points that should be very very clear:
0) your OC
1) it's just a sketch, very likely b/w, very likely a bust, but these choices will be mine to make;
2) you need to already have some visual references for me to look at;
3) I'm not actually good with sketches, so don't have expectations; (important!)
4) no deadlines: I'll probably do it today but I give no assurances.
I'll have 5 comments then this will close and I'll choose the one I feel like to paint at the moment. 
If you choose to partecipate, you also accept not to take it personally if I don't choose your character, it may be the best in the world and I just don't feel confident to give him/her justice in my current lazy mood.

^^; let's try this thing, ok, I admit I'm a bit afraid. 
(And let's see if someone actually read my journal... :D

--- ITA ---
Oggi non ho voglia di fare quello che dovrei fare... ^^; allora, invece di stare qui a non far nulla... datemi qualcosa da disegnare!! :dance:
Chiariamo bene bene bene alcuni punti:
0) dev'essere un tuo personaggio
1) è solo uno schizzo... facilmente sarà in bianco e nero, facilmente sarà un busto, ma sono cose che sceglierò io.
2) devi avere dei riferimenti visivi da mostrarmi
3) in realtà non sono brava a fare schizzi, quindi piano con le aspettative!! (importante!!!)
4) niente scadenze: penso che lo farò oggi, ma non voglio prendermi impegni.
Aspetto di avere 5 commenti, poi chiuderò questa cosa e sceglierò quello che ho più voglia di disegnare al momento.
Se scegli di partecipare, accetti anche di non prenderla sul personale se non sceglierò il tuo personaggio! Potrebbe essere il migliore del mondo e io semplicemente non saprei rendergli giustizia nel mio attuale mood fanc... ehm... svogliato :)

Ok, proviamo a fare questa cosa!! :D Sono un po' spaventata, confesso ^^;
(E vediamo anche se qualcuno legge il mio journal... :P)

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Tue Feb 5, 2013, 6:04 AM

Just a fake post to work on my journal skin! :D

Blah blah blah

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Journal Entry: Thu Jan 31, 2013, 8:09 AM

I don't know if any of you is interested in CSS, but my sweet half wrote a book for Packt Publishing about CSS3. A very pratical book, is made of 10 projects to actually understand what you can do with css3 right now. After almost an year of hard work, the book is finally ready! :dance:

The publisher has made available two copies of the book for a giveaway, here you can read how to try your luck:…
Please, if you know anyone interested in Css3, feel free to spread the word! :D


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To celebrate A Memory of Light...

Journal Entry: Tue Jan 8, 2013, 3:04 PM

Ok, you may have seen I've uploaded a couple of fanarts.
They are from The Wheel of Time, a fantasy saga by Robert Jordan (and Brandon Sanderson).
This is quite a long serie, with its 14 books.
The first one, The Eye of the World was published in 1990, the last book A Memory of Light was published... today. 23 years later.
It's something to celebrate, don't you think?

I'm not a long time reader of these books, luckily, and I can only imagine the feeling for those who know these character for years, who perhaps grew up with them... and now, they can read the end of the story.
It's quite a sad feeling, and ending, even a long awaited one, but the world created will live long after, I'm sure of it.

As others have done, I'm here to share some of my favourites WOT fanart from across all DeviantArt. To share the love for the WoT world :heart:

Asmodean - Nothing Else Matters by shorelle Heroes of W.O.T by solitarium Knock Knock Fain.... by Forbis The Eye of the World by tikos :thumb334203039: Cleansing of Saidin by fee-absinthe Wheel of Time by Eluviel 0033 by solitarium Selene by EdselArnold Wheel of Time, Logain by dragoninstall Wheel of Time, Nynaeve by dragoninstall Wheel of Time, Rand by dragoninstall Wheel of Time, Lews Therin by dragoninstall The Flame of Tar Valon by Jieroque Verin Mathwin in Emond's Field by Jieroque The Great Hunt by tikos Ta'veren by dem888 lanfear by kotian82 Diptych: Mat and Fortuona by Alsdale WoT: Elayne Trakand by Manweri WoT: Ta'veren by Manweri Bain and Chiad by Stuuuuu Rand al'Thor by dem888 To Dance With Jack of the Shadows by KaylaWoodside Moiraine Damodred by Westling Tarmon Gaidon by dem888 The Gathering Storm by Fallonart WoT Matrim by Kitsune-gari WoT: Beware the Fox... by Kitsune-gari Cadsuane Sedai by PollyUranus Aviendha of the Tardaad Aiel by PollyUranus Elayne Trakand by PollyUranus Lews Therin by Daystar-Art Tuon Athaem Kore Paendrag by PollyUranus DM banner (The Field of Merrilor) by Alsdale Watcher of the Seals by Alsdale Will he ride alone? by fee-absinthe The White Flame by fee-absinthe Rand's Wives FINAL by ReddEra WOT -card teasers Nynaeve by ReddEra WOT -card teasers Egwene by ReddEra WOT -card teasers Moiraine by ReddEra

(pssst... for those who don't know it yet, the latest artworks of this group are for a card deck that has been recently published here: )

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Do I really update my journal just once a year?

Journal Entry: Mon Dec 3, 2012, 7:30 AM

random chit-chat here, so don't waste your time if you don't have to spare!

I realized that my journal was from January 2012... hmmm... time to write something new! :D

I've been away from DA for a while. It's a thing I do, sometimes I need to close on myself and work without showing what I'm working on. Because I need to understand what I like not worrying about what people may like or may expect from me, I suppose.

In these days I'll be uploading some things I made during these months. I won't upload everything, of course. Those I completely dislike I won't show, and those I think I still haven't finished with them, too. Or copies, studies and portraits. Uhmmm... :XD: ops, I just cut off most of what I did. :XD:

But even this way, it feel strange to upload works that are already old (yes, few months is old :P). I considered skipping them, but I already have many "blank spaces" on my DA account that I regret, some works that are from a time when I was not online and so I haven't uploaded on here. I don't like it: they were important parts of my growth and this, that is my most complete and informal gallery online, simply miss them.

Well, this was just to say... I'll try to be here around a bit more, for a while. :wave:

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Big 'Thank you' feature

Journal Entry: Wed Jan 25, 2012, 1:54 AM

Yesterday I wrote about a fake account that uses my name, my face and *tries* to sell print of my illustrations. I was waiting for months, and thanks to the help of many friends all have been resolved in few hours.
(DA staff actually decided to remove the deviations but let the account active; well, so there is still there an account with my name and a fake id, but I'm very happy anyway.)

Now behold the power of the art of the great artists that helped me in this situation (and the ones who show they cared with comments, when situation was already resolved)!! :D And share the love, because the best guarantee we have with this kind of things are the people that know us and care for us! :hug: :heart:

Ceramics by Raine-de-Mer Meredith by 0Snow-White0 Underwater by JugMoon Dancers in the Dark by LupaSenzaLuna Nymph by GiovyLoCa Caribbean Tales by Rivan145th Juliet and her Romeo by 0Snow-White0 :thumb110552376: Barbarian sketch by didok80 Panda sketch by katarzyna-z Anna by LesAbsents Drizzt and Guenhwyvar by Kanuka76 The Beastmaster by FrancescaBaerald

Mature Content

Portrait: Aztek Queen -Sold by GiovyLoCa
Autumn Light by LupaSenzaLuna :thumb209672257: :thumb185200415: Chibi Kanuka by Kanuka76 Starfire by Malla13 The Unseelie Queen by FrancescaBaerald Dark inspirations by HeilyAens Hello There, Pigeon by Malla13 My Drow Halloween greetings by Kanuka76 Roots by Raine-de-Mer Shut up by Raine-de-Mer is somebody out there? by katarzyna-z Ishmael 2011 by didok80 new ID by LesAbsents Feed your head by Rivan145th a new me, with wings by katarzyna-z Distant chanting - redone by HeilyAens Mary Boleyn 2 by 0Snow-White0 Eyes of ice by LupaSenzaLuna Fat Fairy by LesAbsents Rose by Malla13 The Conjurer by Rivan145th Pact by JugMoon Sing by JugMoon She-Devil by FrancescaBaerald Doctor Strange by didok80 Mechanical Butterfly by GiovyLoCa

A special thank to :iconlesabsents: that made me aware of the fake account when he told me "I found you on DA... twice".

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Stolen identity - please help me

Journal Entry: Tue Jan 24, 2012, 9:58 AM

My dear friend Fabio some time ago discovered that there is another account on DA that uses my name, my face and some illustrations of mine!!! This thing reaaaaaally piss me off! :(

I simply reported the copyright infringement on the deviations and explained what I just told you above... but after three months nothing happened.
This person even sell prints of my illustrations!! ok, since she doesn't have high resolution files the prints are just a bluff, but I don't like this situation at all.

What should I do? :(
This is the not-me account: :iconresikka:
perhaps if you could report the deviations it will get noticed? Any better ideas?

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Spamming thanks around

Journal Entry: Fri Apr 1, 2011, 2:25 AM

As usual, I've been away from DA for a while and now I have a lot of people to thanks for comments, faves and devwatches... no need to talk about my own watchlist and all the deviations I haven't still watched. ^^;
In this moment the system blocked me and I can go around thanking people for a while, because I already seem to be spam :XD:
But soon I'll resume my "thanking activity"... if you get a "thank you" for something you totally forgot about: don't worry, it's normal! You probably gave me a :+fav: some four months ago... :P


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[HELP] Where do you print your artworks?

Journal Entry: Mon Nov 22, 2010, 2:22 AM

I'm always considering online services to print my portfolio. Or even not online, if you can explain me what I have to look for.
I need a way to print that has a large spectrum of colors, that preserves blacks, and possibly doesn't look like plastic.
When I print my drawings with photo services, (apart from the fact that they really look like plastic) they often ruin colors and contrasts... they are expecting holidays' photo, not paintings.
Art print would be the best, I suppose... do you know a service with a fair quality and not extremely expensive? I would need just some 20x30cm prints or even smaller. I have not considered DA prints because there are some illustrations I would not like to let for everyone to print... but I'll try with some, if it's good I can upload the prints just the time I need to make my purchase.

Or... how do you print your own portfolio?

EDIT: I read online that the best printing is the giclee. I think the online printing I liked that has closed used this kind of printing. Have you tried a giclee printing service that you can suggest me?

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Back from Krakow

Journal Entry: Sat Jun 5, 2010, 10:21 AM

Lately I've been in Krakow for the Euruko Conference, it's a conference about Ruby, the programming language I use at work, but I didn't went to the conference because of work, simply because it's a annual appointment I love and... the ruby community is nice :D

Krakow is a lovely city, surrounded by a park that follow the path of the medieval walls, full of very young nuns and of people carring an huge misterious black folder.
We also went to visit the astonishing salt mines that are near the city...

My boyfriend :iconspx2: posted here on DA a very small and artistic selection of pics from this travel, hope you'll like them:

Spiral Staircase by spx2 Krakovia skyline by spx2 Trading by spx2 Teddys invasion by spx2 Counterclockwise by spx2 The king of the dwarfs by spx2 Saint Kunegunda liar by spx2 His salty heart by spx2


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Frustrated yet happy - an optimistic rant

Journal Entry: Mon Apr 26, 2010, 1:39 AM

I'm in those moments when artists (I don't like the name, but let's say so) become to get frustrated by their paintings. I'm sure you know what I'm talking about: you watch your beloved gallery and all you see is useless, shallow and technically bad done.
So, why I'm happy? because I think these are the moments when my understanding of painting is deeper than my technique. And learning the technique is just a matter of study and time, nothing more.
So I'll study, exercise, get disappointed by the first results but slowly get how things work. And I'll improve. It's going to take time and hard work, but I will. And I desperately need to improve, so... I'm happy.

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'Yuppie!!' for my little Elyon!

Journal Entry: Sat Apr 10, 2010, 4:57 AM

With my little Elyon I won the second place of :iconserenaverdeart:' contest in the "Draw me pretty" category! I can believe it!! :heart: so many great entries, and I'm usually not very good with contests!!!
(you can see all the winners here:… )
So, I'm really happy! :dance: :boogie: :dance:

Elyon: a formal portrait by niji707

I was particularly happy because of Nadezhda's comment: "The idea of the portrait was so nice, and =niji707 also realized it awesomely as usually :heart:. I decided there will be a wall like that in Elyon parent's mansion, with that very portrait :XD:"
Woah! :wow: my painting will be part of the story!! that's so awesome!! :wow:

And I think it's a good time to show you this video, in which you can see a big part of the painting process:

it's quite caothic, but I hope you'll find it amusing! :)

And now... I'll have hard time thinking on what to ask to the different artists that offered a drawing as prize! I don't have a my own story and characters, so I don't know very well... you may know I'm quite obsessed with a red-haired elf, and having the same subject painting by different people in different styles could be very interesting. Or should I take time to give an actual form to some other characters that are not so well defined in my mind? Or something completely different...
Uhm... I'll have to think about it! But I LOVE to have such a problem... :giggle:

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Special feature for a new DeviantArtist!

Journal Entry: Tue Mar 23, 2010, 5:47 AM

DeviantArt became richer since last week: we have a new wonderful artist here around!! :love:

My friend :iconsaraforlenza: is really worth your undivided attention! :wow:
Her paintings are so beautiful :heart: and her use of color and light is very powerful!
:dance: I hope you'll like her work and you'll show your love in order to give her the best welcome here on DA! :dance:

Vampiresse by SaraForlenza Kizu no Kuma by SaraForlenza Searain of the Exodar by SaraForlenza

Dark Elf by SaraForlenza Queen of Suffering by SaraForlenza Neytiri and Jake by SaraForlenza


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comunicazione di servizio: Pusciastova

Journal Entry: Fri Mar 5, 2010, 3:10 AM

[Riporto la news di un gruppo di cui faccio parte / for my english readers: it's just a note about the reopening of an italian artistic group]

La Pusciastova riapre le iscrizioni!

Cos'è la Pusciastova? una community online di donne creative, che unisce l'arte del disegno a quella dello spettegolezzo («ah sì?» «non più di altre, ma ci stava bene»), attiva ormai da 2 anni... con lo scopo di divertirci, supportarci, aiutarci, confrontarci e divertirci.
A seguito di riassestamenti, si cerca sangue fresco e nuove energie! :D
Ed è un ottimo momento per entrare, perché la nuova sfida sta partendo ora e consiste nel mettersi alla prova con ... un Tea Party! Lasciandoci ispirare dal nuovo film di Tim Burton (che non ho ancora visto...), o da qualsiasi immaginario preferiate per offrirvi un the un po' folle.

Un po' di colore dalla Pusciastova:
Rodari Sky by Joliet82 :thumb154612071: Asu Pixel ID by asubox :thumb155371924: Amore by Kya80

Mature Content

Cadeau by asubox
Panda sketch by katarzyna-z

Mature Content

Vampire by MichelaDaSacco
Waiting... by FrancescaDaSacco Strawberry girl by KoShiatar SPAWN color pratice by MirkAnd89 :thumb150046695: halloween postcard by katarzyna-z   Pretty Puppets by FrancescaDaSacco The butterfly lover by KoShiatar Photo Click color by Joliet82 Wizards of moon by MirkAnd89 :thumb152906070: Happy Halloween by Kya80 Another me by Francy035b :thumb123230076: The Man without Heart 3 by MichelaDaSacco Omega035b by Francy035b Sangue_sulla_neve by ManuelaSoriani

Per altre informazioni: il BLOG e il FORUM, e per qualsiasi domanda inviate un'email al CDP-Consiglio Direttivo Puscio (

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Misc Italian features

Journal Entry: Thu Feb 11, 2010, 6:27 AM

A bunch of italian artists (painters, illustrators and comic artists) in my collections, hope it will help someone to find new friend who speak the same language. These are selected quite casually from my favourites, so please don't take it personally if you are not included here.

Una manciata di artisti italiani (pittori, illustratori e fumettisti) dalle mie collezioni, spero che aiuti qualcuno a trovare nuovi connazionali con cui confrontarsi in italiano! E' una selezione abbastanza casuale dei miei preferiti, non prendetela sul personale se non siete stati inlcusi.

Riel by GothDream Dreman by GothDream Carathril by Akeiron :thumb153222246: the fairy of the forest by AzureStrawberry F  r  o  z  e  n by N-A-R-I Death in Venice by Jaelle Warrior by claudiocerri Awakening by CristianaLeone Sorayama Tribute by sthefo Butterfly_artwork_coffee_01 by ManuelaSoriani Art... by GothDream The Cauldrons Race by FrancescaDaSacco Tears in the night by sthefo Jan and Mysia by MichelaDaSacco :thumb142699208: Master of the Wind by lilie-morhiril ...tanto ci potrai trovare qui by martinacecilia Velleda by Claudia-SG Fanhir :: Scars by StefaniaRusso Interactive Sheet: Elyon by SerenaVerdeArt So what? by SerenaVerdeArt The Brothers Grimm by LadyDeddelit :thumb146627738: :thumb138235590: Jealousy by LadyDeddelit The gentle commander by shisleya Buh n.1 by claudiocerri Holan Cacciatore di demoni -17 by giuseppedeluca Harmoran the Beginning 02 by MichelaDaSacco Forever My Valentine by SerenaVerdeArt Babel by Galhad At the End. by Jonathan7 astroyo by nuratan While your lips are still red by SpectralFairy ..SoulFire.. by MalakiaLaGatta One Day, Maybe by thio122 Funny Dylan Dog by Riccardo-Fasoli Night in Paris by ManuelaSoriani BAMBOLE DI CARNE cover by FrancescaDaSacco :thumb150046695: :thumb149912262: :thumb135628206: :thumb130834411: Kalima by Princess--Neko :thumb132981347: Little Princess by Jaelle Te encontrare'... by shisleya Arvalis-Walking in the jungle by LadyDeddelit Jasmine by Assurancetourix :thumb144818859: :thumb147371267: Black Knight by DraconiaShelik Venom by spacechili Batgirl ink by spacechili .The Red Death Sorceress. by MalakiaLaGatta Syria by Akeiron Hansen by Akeiron There's Something in the Sky by Jonathan7 Abeir-Toril by Jaelle

:heart: thank you all for your beautiful art :heart:
:heart: grazie a tutti per la vostra splendida arte :heart:

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